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Euro 2008
Euro 2008

EURO 2008

In, 2008 many fans anticipated the oncoming tournament known as Euro Cup, hosted in Switzerland and Austria. They knew it would be action packed and surprising. But no one expected this much. Many favored teams have fallen such as  France and Italy. But many underdogs have risen to the challenge. Holland is still undefeated and have beaten champs France and Italy. Also Croatia, probably the smallest country in Euro, has risen to the challenge and defeated favorite Germany. Many fans around the world are either rejoicing, or weeping. But, none of us know what to expect.


UEFA or The Union of European Football Associations is the controlling body of European football. they are the organizers of national and club competitions, hence the UEFA before Euro 2008. Euro cup was started by the first UEFA General Secretary Henry Delaunay. Now, the European Cup had been born. But not many teams were willing to enter the tournament but after it started gaining popularity teams started joining.

1960 Winner: USSR

 Runner-up: Yugoslavia

1964 Winner: Spain

Runner-up: USSR

1968 Winner: Italy

Runner-up: Yugoslavia

1972 Winner: Germany

Runner-up: USSR

1976 Winner: Czechoslovakia

Runner-up: Germany

1980 Winner: Germany

Runner-up: Belgium

1984 Winner: France

Runner-up: Spain

1988 Winner: Netherlands

Runner-up: USSR

1992 Winner: Denmark

Runner-up: Germany

1996 Winner: Germany

Runner-up: Czech Republic

2000 Winner: France

Runner-up: Italy

2004 Winner: Greece

Runner-up: Portugal